Esports Mental Skills Training for Individuals & Teams


Level up with a personal trainer for your mind.

How many times do you see an athlete with tons of potential, they just don’t live up to it? Most athletes love working with personal trainers to refine their bodies to make sure they are in tip-top shape to perform. It’s no different with esports.


We offer groundbreaking coaching and resources for aspiring esports athletes of all levels worldwide. 

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Kids & Young Adults

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Professional Trainers

We work on the nuances of performance including:

• Dealing with performance anxiety

• Setting solid pre-performance routines

Improving confidence

• Finding and maintaining motivation

• Staying focused and blocking distractions

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We Have Experience With…

Esports Psychology

Traditional sport psychology helps to make sure that practice transfers over to performance. In traditional sport, many argue that 90% of performance is mental. With video games, it’s even more! An esports mental skills trainer helps athletes and gamers gain control over their thoughts and feelings so they can focus their attention on performing.

Team Building

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Goal Settings

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Kids & Young Adults

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Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

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Our Approach & Philosophy

How Much of Esports is Physical vs. Mental?

Even in the most physical sports like hockey and football, most agree it is at least 50%. In esports, that number jumps to closer to 90% – making mental skills trainers all the more useful. Esports is a booming field. Most gamers are still casual, but many would like to go pro if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, there is a lack of resources to coach and give aspiring esports athletes the tools they need to take their game to the next level. That’s where we come in. Having a mental skills consultant on hand could give you the potential to get ahead of the game.

We can help with:

• Dealing with performance anxiety

• Blocking out distractions and focusing

• Not choking under pressure

• Visualizing and manifesting excellent performances

• Developing a culture of grit

• Setting concrete goals

• And much more!